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Frog Invasion Games LLC is a limited liability company based out of Clinton Township, Michigan. It is owned and operated by Brandon Volpe and BrandV3D. We build Mobile and PC Steam Games for Windows, Android, iOS (Coming soon) and Linux on the steam deck. Currently we have about a dozen games published, including our old legacy games and a combination of free and paid games but are currently moving to more of PC and Steam Deck games although we do have a few in development for mobile.



Street’s Disciple is world renown for being great to play on the Steam Deck and  Windows.

Big Update Coming for Steet’s Disciple 


Street’s Disciple our primary PC game has over 6,000 impressions with about 1,500 visits on our steam store.

Our Google Play store has 1,487 downloads and our Youtube followers in combined channels is over 597 Subscribers…

and growing with over 49,500 views and 97,500 impressions.


BrandV3D makes game art. You can view his work at https://brandonvolpe.artstation.com/

BrandV3D or Brandon Volpe UI designs for video games at https://www.behance.net/brandonvolpe

Brandon publishes on the android google play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Frog+Invasion+Games

Game Art
Environment Art on ArtStation
Youtube Channel
Brandon Volpe