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Vietnam Chopper

Good Mornin'
Vietnam Chopper!

Vietnam Chopper ``Red Haze`` Game Story:
In 1965 the United States of America sent troops into Vietnam were we used Helicopters called Choppers to drop into military zones and to pick up soldiers while giving air support to the troops on the ground with hi rapid gunner fire and missile attacks. Goal: Your goal is a simple one, shoot and kill all of the enemy and take down the guard towers and pick up stranded soldiers in war zones. Take off from the base helicopter pad and land on the pad at the end of the level. Controls:
Left Click = Guns fire
Right Click = Missile Fire
Click on Text ``napalm`` = Napalm Drop (not available in Demo Version) Frog Invasion Games
www.froginvasiongames.com Art Created by: Brandon Volpe
Programming Developed by: Brandon Volpe
Sounds Effects from: http://www.grsites.com/ Arcade, Platformer, Shoot 'em up, Shooter, Wargame

Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop
HD is FUN!

Bubble Pop HD This is a very fun game, and that being said, this is how you play. The Neon Green Ball bounces around the screen and it is your job to control it by tapping on the empty areas of the screen. As the game progresses the levels get harder. Controls:
Tap to re-direct the green bubble where you want it or a different direction that it is currently heading.
Double tap quickly for a pop up of the rules of the game and what the icons mean. Abstract strategy, Arcade, Brick break, Casual, Puzzle

The Casino Vault Robbery

The Casino
Vault Robbery Coming Soon!

Make your way into the vault. Do you have the skills to make your way and get passed 2 levels and the final vault level? This is an easy fast point game. When you beat levels you will be able to unlock more levels and unlock new features.

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