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Vietnam Chopper

Good Morning

Vietnam Chopper is a shoot em up side scroller action quick shooting game.

Dear Contenders,
Fly High, Fast and Hard!

Vietnam Chopper is a FREE game, Fast paced and a quick and fun way to spend an evening. This time we went with a side scroller game and a massive shoot em up survival mode where your health bar is always at steak. Drop by and download it today. Fly high, low, whatever, just don't die!

Fire Power

Damn That’s a mini gun. The Mini Gun is the basic defense protection of the firing of bullets on the Huey Helicopter

The Rocket Launcher is the second line of defense and cause major damage to anything in its path. You also can use it to knock out guard towers.

Finally at last is the all powerful godly savior napalm drop, for those situations that call for it. Amen!

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